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Video: Tastie Fish speaks with international superstar Petra Kvitova

From Tastie Fish

Shortly after she was eliminated in straight sets by Shuai Zhang of China, Tastie Fish had the opportunity to interview Petra Kvitova, one of the most accomplished tennis players in the world.

Despite the loss, Kvitova remains a symbol of strength, and perseverance to citizens all over the planet.

The fact that Kvitova even competed tonight is a miracle considering what took place less than 9 months ago.

Last December, Kvitova was brutally assaulted in a home invasion, the attack not only almost ended her tennis career, but it nearly killed her.

From the New York Times

“The attack was vicious; Kvitova’s agents confirmed an account of the struggle, first reported by the BBC, in which an unknown assailant entered her apartment to rob it under the guise of checking a utility meter. A struggle in a bathroom led to a knife being placed against Kvitova’s throat. She was able to fight free, but not before sustaining deep cuts to the fingers of her left hand.”

After her loss Monday night at the Connecticut Open, Kvitova reflected upon the journey she has embarked upon emotionally and physically as she actively attempts to recapture her universally recognized status as one of the greatest tennis players of her generation.

Kvitova is an inspiration to millions, her courage has elevated her among sports dans.

Kvitova’s fan base has widened considerably as the world watches the Czech dynamo attempt to regain her footing.

Kvitova was overtly disappointed in her loss, but agreed that “every match, every practice, all of it is a bonus”.

Kvitova plans to stay in New Haven for at least another night before heading to New York for the US Open.



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