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Vogue under fire for controversial cover

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Vogue is taking heat this week for the latest cover the publication published.

Intended to celebrate women, and diversity, the cover is taking sharp criticism for not being diverse, glorifying skinny women, and failing miserably to redefine beauty.

On the surface, the cover looks beauftiful.

But not everyone thinks so.

Some believe that these women are all of light complexion, and none of them are plus size models, which gives the impression that your only beauitful if you weigh 75 pounds.

In an era of  awareness, diversity and body positivity, this cover did not convey the most diplomatic message, and it was the editors at Vogue who promoted the cover as an inclusive celebration of women in this country.

Seems like they missed the mark.

I would have trouble labeling that cover an accurate depiction of women in this country.







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