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To be fair, it’s pretty ridiculous to charge customers for plastic utensils

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An African American woman was detained by police in Alabama this past weekend after an extended confrontation that is reportedly related  to the Waffle Makers charging customers for plastic untensils.

It’s unclear at this time if the policy is in place nationwide.

What started out as a verbal disagreement esclated into a viral video that depicted police telling the woman(before throwing her to the floor) they would break her arm, accusations(The NAACP picketed the place on Sunday) of racial discrimination, and another PR disaster for a company that is reeling from a mass murder that happened to take place the same day.

Waffle House had an awful week by any standard, and I don’t wish to throw salt on an open wound.

But come on.

To charge customers for the right to use plastic utensils is beyond bootstrapping, it’s frugal, and ridiculous, most citizens would have a fundemental problem with such a policy.

Would the average person play verbal tennis with staff long enough for the police to respond?

Mabye not, but it’s understandable that someone who is low on loot might take issue it.

Why not just use silverware, and recycle it the old fashioned way?

Hindsight is 20/20, but would it have been worth it to the Waffle House to hire a dishwasher associate, and have that person maintain the silverware?

100% yes, one look at the awful video circulating the internet makes my point for me. 



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