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Was Katy Perry planting an “uninvited kiss” on a American Idol contestant inappropriate?

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American Idol Host Katy Perry was involved in an unusual circumstance during a audition for the latest season of American Idol.

A 19 year old kid named Ben Glaze, told the panel that he had never been kissed in his life.

Glaze then went over to Perry at her request, and planted a big smooch on her cheek.

The kid was then directed to kiss her on the cheek a second time, when he did that, Perry quickly kissed him on the lips.

Mr. Glaze was less than pleased by the chain of events.

“I was raised in a conservative family and I was uncomfortable immediately. I wanted my first kiss to be special.”

Questions about the true nature of Perry’s behavior are brewing this morning, what she did could easily be construed as an unwanted sexual advance.

In this age of #metoo, and empowerment, it seems hypocritical to not hold Ms. Perry to the same standard that everyone else is, unwanted advances should be off limits for everyone.

Including women.

Perry used her fame, and her power as host of the popular competition to essentially trick a young kid into unwanted sexual contact, but only after the kid told the panel he had never kissed a girl.

That’s it, that’s the deal, there is no other way to describe what happened.

Even worse, the kid made a point of addressing the conservative nature of his values, point blank stated that he would have refused to kiss her if he was aware in advance.

So what now?

Well if a male television host did that to a young girl on stage, he would be fired, he would castigated, might never work in television again.

But Perry was free to continue her job, this incident took place in October, and the young man in question did not advance in the competition.

At the very least, Perry and ABC owe us an explanation.



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