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Actor Shia Labeouf’s arrest video is out of this world crazy (Updated)

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Shia Labeouf was arrested last week in Georgia on charges of public intoxication, obstruction,  and disorderly conduct, the actor was released from jail on a $7,000 bound.

This all was met with a collective yawn by America because it seems this very talented artist is always doing something that draws media attention.

America will much more interested in the story now that a video of his arrest has been released.

This video may not be suitable for all younger viewers.

The responding police officer caught the situation on his body camera.

The video is broken down into several parts, before the arrest, after he was placed in the car, and the ride to jail.

In all  segments, Mr. Labeouf is distraught, verbally abusive, and seemingly confused.

No court date has been set, but this video will not help his case when he has to go before a judge.

Updated July 14th, 1:15pm

Shia Labeouf’s rough night has taken a new turn.

Tonight a second video was released, and it’s much worse than the first.

The following video may not be suitable for all viewers.

The first tape was not damaging enough to affect Shia Labeouf’s career, perhaps he would have done community service, or short term probation, it was unlikely he was headed to jail, especially with low ball bail.

This second video is a different animal, a serious problem.

Your going to hell because your black“.

Labeouf’s career is going to take a major hit, it may never recover.

It’s difficult to find success in public life with a video like this rolling around, his mere presence will make any situation radioactive.

Who is going to want to hire him?

Who is going to want to work with him?

This is the same guy that campaigned for tolerance, and acceptance.

The tape does not lie, he made those statements, and he had quite the attitude when he did it.





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