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Watch: Alex Morgan to cops “I cannot imagine what black people go through”

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Soccer superstar Alex Morgan is among the most high profile athletes in the world.

Morgan is a brand, a thriving industry unto herself.

Alex Morgan is also a woman of principle, strength, her dizzying intellect is only matched by brilliance on the pitch.

This reporter had the chance to spend time with her during the summer of 2013.

I was so impressed with her humble approach to our interview, that I actually keep a picture of the interview on my desk to this day.

Morgan(and others) made headlines a couple weeks back when she was escorted out of Disney World(of all places) by law enforcement.

Under normal circumstances, it would raise serious questions if a name brand athlete like Morgan was kicked out of the happiest place in the world.

Disney World is where are dreams are made, it takes talent to lose your temper in such an atmosphere.

Or booze.

But there was more to this situation than meets the eye, and the conflicting reports are not helping matters.

Why Alex and her homeys were kicked out remains a point of contention, but Morgan was in concert with several other professional soccer players that had planned to enjoy an annual holiday of sorts.

Alex Morgan currently plays her football for the Orlando Pride, and has cultivated relationships with the MLS based Orlando City SC  including her husband Servando Carrasco.

Morgan was never taken into custody, but she was temporarily detained in a conference room after the alleged mishap.

As luck would have it, footage of her behavior in the conference room has hit the internet kudos to the Orlando police.

From the Miami Hearld

You can hear Morgan, slightly slurring her words, arguing why they shouldn’t have been kicked out, then said, “Dude, you’re lying right now. I can’t imagine what black people go through. It’s insane.”

“Wow,” says an officer.

Off camera, she says, “We actually love Orlando.”

As the cops gather them up to leave, the friends can be heard talking over each other and then a woman who sounds like Morgan says sarcastically off camera, “Wait! We were forced to stay here and now we’re like forced to like, hurry? My God! I’m so glad I’m white!”

This video takes Alex Morgan’s public profile to another level, she is speaking truth with no idea that the world will eventually hear her sentiments.

That makes these statements genuine in my book, during this ugly shouting match, the world finally gets to see what I saw 4 years ago.

Alex Morgan is real.

Some people within the interwebs have attempted to frame this video as an example of racism, which is a ludicrous conclusion.

Think about what she is saying, it’s the opposite of racism.

Morgan is calling out what many people believe, that African Americans are treated differently than white people are by the police.

Not always, but daily examples are out there for consumption.

Morgan is pissed off in this video, it’s safe to say she would rather this footage was not released, but more power to her.





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