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Watch: Disturbing viral video shows racist woman harassing a Muslim shopper at Trader Joes

From Youtube

There is a percentage of people in this country that believe the election of President Trump gives them free reign to engage in bigotry, and hatred.

The President claims he is not a racist, but many of his followers cite his name or his mission statements when committing acts of intolerance.

Case and point.

A Muslim woman, who is off camera, allowed this loud mouth jerk of a woman to go ahead of her in a line at trader Joes.

The woman than turns around, and starts lecturing the Muslim woman, telling her “Obama is no longer in office”.

This racist woman truly believes that now that Obama is no longer in office, we can all say and do what we want with no regard for the people it hurts, or the damage it causes.

As if somehow expectations of tolerant behavior was reset were Trump was sworn in.

Shame on this woman, whoever she is.

The woman shooting the video does not back down, she shames the racist woman with the utmost class.

Good for her!



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