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Watch: Family kicked off Jet Blue flight over birthday cake, two children left in tears

From Youtube

The firestorm surrounding customer service on commercial flights continues.

Earlier this month, a family was kicked off  Jet Blue fight over a birthday cake.

Brace yourself, the following video is difficult to believe.


This is one of the more shameful videos this website has ever posted, and that is saying quite a bit.

Cameron Burke brought a custom birthday cake on board a flight leaving Las Vegas in advance of his wife’s 40th birthday.

After sparring with a flight attendant about where to put the cake, the Burke family was kicked off the plane.

They were also attacked in the press, prior to this video hitting the internet, Jet Blue stated that the Burke Family was yelling and screaming before they were escorted off.

This video seems to tell a different story.

The Burkes plan to sue the airline, and rightfully so.



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