Watch: Melania Trump’s reaction to her husband raises questions

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The clandestine Melania Trump made a rare appearance in public last weekend when she presided over the lords prayer at a worship rally that the Trump administration staged in Florida.

The First Lady was all smiles as she addressed the crowd, that was until the President touched her arm in an act of support.

Melania appears to jump, and then breathed in to reaassure herself.

Her behavior was not that of someone who is in love, it looks more like a frightened partner.

Social media agreed.

This isn’t the first time the First Lady has acted oddly towards President Trump, she has produced strange moments that raise questions about the true solvency of the marraige.

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The world is curious what’s really on in this woman’s mind, and at some point, she is going to have to answer questions.

She has remained in New York City this entire time, not moving into the White House when her husband was sworn in, which was an almost unprecendented move.

She is doing this on America’s tab, the taxpayer has already paid millions of dollars for the First Lady to live in New York City.

CNN referenced her inaction on a variety of fronts as “plastic feminism”, the scathing examination took aim at the hallow nature of her supposed “advocacy for women”.

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Melania has not shown a willingness to take on the social responsibilities of a First Lady, nor does she trip over herself to accompany her husband during his many adventures.

She does not seem like the type of first lady to crusade for social justice.

Michelle Obama was a beacon of hope, and she went to work the second her husband was elected.

What has Melania done since November?

An immigrant, Mrs. Trump has yet to provide comment on the immigration ban, she has been shielded from the media, and the American public.


Some believe she is not ready for the questions that will be hurled her way, and perhaps she is not interested in the social obligation of her title.

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Or perhaps she is is totally supportive of her husband, or his policies.

Whatever the case may be, the 1st family does not appear to be the Obamas, not if the video or her lack of public appearances is any indication.



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