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Watch: Mika Brzezinski boots “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff off “Morning Joe”

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“Fire and Fury” is already one of the more controversial books of all time.

In sensational fashion, Michael Wolff tore the Trump administration apart, and he did so with over 200 sources.

The book feels on the level, it strays from the beaten path from time to time, but anyone who has consumed the narrative buys at least 94% of it.

Wolff meanwhile has been transformed into a generational star, there is not a talk show in America that the man has not appeared on.

As of late however, Mr. Wolff has drawn the ire of critics over his claim that UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was or is  engaged in an affair with President Trump.

Wolff does not seem to have any evidence corroborating his claims, but he has no problem going on national television, and speculating about the possibilities.

Mr. Wolff appeared on the program “Morning Joe” this morning, and the brilliant host Mika Brzezinski was not about to allow Wolff to degrade her show.

The video speaks for itself.

Wolff is a fine author, and a talented investigator, but unless he can prove his allegations, perhaps he should keep them to himself.



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