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Weinstein, Lauer, Rose, Franken, Spacey, Conyers, why not Trump?

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President Trump continues to evade accountibility for the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct that have been levied against him.

At least 11 women have alleged that Trump sexually assaulted them, and yet, their greviances are falling on deaf ears.

Allegations of sexual abuse have rocked America, some of the most powerful men in the country have been fired, entire news organizations, movie studios, even  political establishments are in a state of upheavel.

Amid the social chaos of the silence breaker revolution, is the continued audacity of the White House administration.

It’s to the point, that Trump attempted to sell the fantasy that it wasn’t his voice on the Access Hollywood tape.

When Al Franken stepped down last week, he intentionally shined a big bright light on Donald Trump on his way out of the door, essentially questioning an apparent double standard.

An interview on the Today show with Megyn Kelly this morning has really snapped the situation into focus.

What is the difference between this Jessica Leeds, and all the other brave women we have come forward in recent weeks?

The details of this assault are sickening, and no different than some of the terrifying accounts that have been brought to bare in the last two months.

There was also a news conference earlier today featuring three of Trump’s accusers, along with a docmentary filmmaker, they released a three minute video titled “16 women and Donald Trump”

The film is damming, we have posted it right here.

The depressing part is, Trump is not going to be fired, nor will he step down over an issue he deems to be irrelevant, the President could care less about the damage he has done to these women.

He proved that much when he denigrated his accusers loudly, and in public during his campaign speeches.

Just listen to the Access Hollywood tape, it’s a graphic yet revealing look at Trump’s mindset.

Frustration with Trump’s immunity is going to grow, the story Jessica Leeds told this morning warrants some form of action.

Over the last two weeks, conservative pundits have feasted on democratic lawmakers that committed acts of abuse, it would be of great benefit to the country if those same patriots held the President to the same standard.

From Twitter

16 women is 16 women, at what point is someone to going to cry foul?



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