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Why does Rosie O’Donnell get a pass for her behavior?

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Rosie O’Donnell has been a prominent voice in America going on 3 decades.

The actress, comedian, and host of the “View” has enjoyed a highly successful career in entertainment.

O’Donnell is also a pioneer of sorts, emerging as one of the first high profile entertainers to come out the closet, and lead an openly gay life.

Along the way, she always produced strong opinions, O’Donnell is a very outspoken advocate not just for women, not just for lesbians, but for everyone.

She is an inspiration to so many, a role model.

Her behavior as of late though is offending a good amount of people, and for whatever reason, she is has been given a pass by many of the same people that go nuts when other figures in politics and entertainment cross the line.

Her tweet about Sarah Huckbee Sanders earlier this month was over the top ridiculous, the fact that Rosie is engaging in body shaming is counter to everything she is supposed to be about.

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Disagreeing with the White House press secretary is one thing, posting harmful commentary about her is quite another, there is no excuse for O’Donnell’s actions.

Yet, she was never really held accountable for that, minimal coverage of the event.

Now reverse that, and imagine Ann Coulter publishing a similar post about an African American press officer, or even a liberal minded entertainer.

Would their be mainstream backlash?

Oh heck yes, and everyone reading this post knows it.

Lets not be hypocrites, O’Donnell’s decision was offensive, and it needs to be called out, there is healthier methods of expressing discontent.

Then there was the whole twitter beef with Ben Shapiro, that jumped off after Rosie publicly offered to bribe GOP Senators(to the tune of millions) amid the tax bill debate.

Shaprio offered some clever responses to O’Donnell potentially incriminating herself on twitter.

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One of her responses to his inquiry raised eyebrows.

“Suck my dick”?


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Rosie did not escape backlash for her comments on Twitter, millions of people believed it was outrageous for her to promote unlawful behavior, and then tell Ben Shaprio to suck her dick when pokes fun at her because of it.

Shapiro subsequently reported O’Donnell to Twitter for sexual harassment.

We live in a climate where holding each other accountable is more imporant than ever, so to allow a high profile public figure to do whatever she wants in the public domain while excoriating others for doing the same thing is super lame.

The national ambivalence towards O’Donell’s reckless actions is rooted in political partisanship, it’s clear that some of us are willing to move the goal post when it’s convenient.




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