Why would McDonalds finally make waffle fries, but only offer them in Canada?

From Twitter

Today I read some earth shatterings news.

McDonalds has finally invented Waffle Fries, and they appear to be nothing short of mouth watering.

Waffle Fries are a rarity, in fact, very few fast food establishments offer them.

To add to the excitement is that the fact that Mcdonalds fries are by far the most enjouable in the industry.

The best in the business.

Wendys fries are excellent, Burger King’s are tasty, but nothing compares to McDonalds Fries.

When I saw the advertisement, I almost jumped in my car, and headed to North Haven.

Imagine my shock when I learned these morsels will only be sold in Canada?

From AP

Could McDonald’s be challenging Chick-fil-A’s waffle fry excellence?

The American burger behemoth’s Canadian outpost says it’s offering waffle fries during the holidays, an announcement that caught the attention of the restaurant’s fans.

From Twitter

“Celebrate #FRYday with Waffle Cut Fries.,” McDonald’s Canada tweeted Nov. 25. “They’re just here for the holidays, so try them today! #SeasonsCravings.”

I don’t understand.

McDonalds Waffle Fries would sell like crazy in the United States, to only limit the distribution point to Canada seems short sighted.

Perhaps company executives wish to test them in different markets, but the writing is on the wall.

The second you make these fries available to American consumers, they will fly out of the fryers.

Make it happen.





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