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Wow: Albert Haynesworth reveals his ex wife racially and physically abused him

From Twitter

Former NFL defensive linesman Albert Hayesworth produced a tweet storm for the ages when he attacked his ex wife Brittany Jackson on Twitter.

The former pass rusher published disturbing allegations about the behavior of his ex wife, including her consistent use of the word nigger, the fact that she physically(kicked him in the nuts)attacked him(it was evidently documented by police) on numerous occasions, and the very troubling revelation that his Brittany Jackson allegedly embezzled charitable donations.

None of these allegations have been proven, but they will break the internet, and a few bank accounts before this story runs it’s course.

It appears Haynesworth was spurred on by some something  involving his ex, and wanted to set the record straight.


We have seen stories like this all the time, so it’s not a totally impossibility that Haynesworth is telling the truth.

As for the charges of fraud, and embezzlement, someone is going to be in legal soup.

Either Haynesworth will be hit with a libel lawsuit, or Brittany Jackson is headed to jail, the mishandling of donations intended to help sick children is a federal crime.

Lying on the internet about someone because your salty over how the relationship ended is a civil matter, but it could be a serious problem for Haynesworth if he published false allegations.

To some, Haynesworth crossed the line by sharing such personal information about his former partner with so many people.

To others, bigots need to be outed, no matter what the situation is, especially if the perpetrator is the biological parent to a child that is half black.

Meanwhile, what is the child supposed to think about all this?

More on this story as it develops.




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