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Young people now consider “condom snorting” a trendy exercise

From Twitter

Last month children were polluting the internet with images and videos of themselves eating Tide Pods.

While not making sense to most of the adults in America, participating  teenagers rationlized it as a new era dare, something to get their friends excited.

That trend quickly died out when corporate America got involved.

This month we have yet another ridiculous example of teenage conformity.

It has come in the form of “condom snorting.

The goal of the exercise is to snort the entire condom up one nostril, the pull it through pharynx and out of the mouth.

From Twitter

The inherent danger in snorting an entire condom through one nostril, pulling it through the pharynx, and eventually out of the mouth is far more dangerous (and stupid) than eating a tidepod.

Kids have their trends, they will do what they do to go viral on the internet, but this specific “dare” is going to kill somebody.

If the condom gets stuck, you die, that’s it, and for what?

Fads are nothing new, thrill seeking children will exist forever, but there has to be a boundary.



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