From Tastie Fish

Note from the editor: Tastie Fish is a year old!

From Tastie Fish

Greetings my friends,

I wanted to personally thank all of you for supporting this brand new publication.

It’s hard to believe Tastie Fish is only a year old!

Sometime it feels like we have been on the scene for much longer than that.

Publishing 900 articles felt like 5 years.

I had low expectations for the first year, this much I will admit.

As an experienced reporter, I assumed joining the free press within one year was a moon shot.

Our goal was to create a funtional culture based site, and build up the brand for a couple years while we attempted to achieve credibility.

From Tastie Fish

We never could have anticipated that we would achieve credibility right away, that within four months of this spaceship being launched, we were in the field, producing copy, and enjoying  acceptance among our peers in the press.

We are very thankful to our colleagues in the press, much of our access have been tied to those relationships.

The fast track to credibility was overwhelming at times, conceiving a news organization is quite complicated, readers eventually expect you to operate at a world class level wether you have access to similar resources or not.

There were other challenges.

Gina Ferrigno, Gabrielle Pallotto, Dan Brodoff, Alexa Deponte, Samantha D’Errico

We live in an era in which the media is both a target, and a scapegoat.

You would not believe some of the communications we recieved in response to our reporting, I imagine I will publish the highlights at some point.

Over the last year we have clashed with politicians, billionaires, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, city government officials,  it’s gotten pretty heated!

Klu Klux Klan leader Thomas Robb was a trip too.

We have also been burdened with the expectation to cover every story that ever existed, and compete with massive organizations on an even level.

Such scrutiny comes with the territory, and has been throughly encouraging to our staff.

We are reaching more people than ever before, and we understand that will invite critcism, even vitriol in some cases.

Somehow, Tastie Fish is still standing, and I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate.

From Tastie Fish

This was supposed be a testing site, we just wanted to be able to prove that the idea could work, but the accelerated pace of development convinced us to treat this site in the manner we would treat the final product.

However we did recognize that our current application is not very friendly to all of you, in fact it’s somewhat closed off and the packaging of our content was not consistent with the quality of the content itself.

Our current look also does not allow us to push our competitors, even as we are wiping the floor with them.

Earlier this year, the staff at Tastie Fish started working on a project that is going to address these problems, the project is nearing completion, and will show it’s pretty face in 2018.

As CEO, I could not be happier for the people who have stood by me, this idea, and the ultimate vision we have for this information hub.

My team has motivated me more than anything, their utter brilliance, unbridled passion, and love, has drowned out any naysayers, or irrelevant voices.

What we have done is worthy of memory, and every single team member reading this shares in the accomplishment.

From scratch, with scraps, we built a news organization inside of a year, and now we will have the opportunity to cultivate it.

From Tastie Fish

Over 50 writers contributed to the publication in 2017, that number is insane and exciting at the same time.

I eventually want thousands.

We have big dreams for Tastie Fish, and have been working super hard behind the scenes to realize them, at times, this newsroom feels like a political campaign as we go about pursuing the vision.

I wanted to make a couple announcements since I am in such a festive mood.

First and foremost, we will be changing our name.

Not the name of this publication, but the name of the mothership that will oversee all the vehicles we have planned.

I am going to announce our new name in the next couple weeks.

From Tastie Fish

I also want to announce that we will continue to cover national and local stories, our vision goes beyond city limits, or sovereign borders, an information hub that is limited is not a hub at all.

We will continue to cover the stories that people want to read, if we fail to do that at any point, feel free to let us know.

I also want announce that this website will be shut down at some point to make way for something new.

From Tastie Fish

Please bare with us during this time period.

I have confidence in our team, our collective experience, our moral compass, I believe we are prepared to represent the people, and we have the cuts on our teeth to prove it.

None of this would have been possible without all of you, the only reason we were able to climb the ranks is because people believed in us, and the values we stand for.

From Tastie Fish

The burden is now on us to justify that support, reward that faith.

I can promise all of you, we intend to deliver.

Thanks for the opportunity, and please stay tuned to what comes next!



P.S. I am going to be retiring from active journalism in 2018, I want to thank everyone who has supported me during what has been a fantastic career.

My plan is to apply my focus elswhere, and assist the people that will represent this publication moving forward.






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