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A teacher is arrested for asking questions about a superintendent’s $38,000 raise

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During a meeting to discuss the salary raised for the acting superintendent Jerome Puyau, a Vermilion Parish teacher named Deyshia Hargrave stood up, and peacefully questioned the logic behind such a move.

Essentially, Jermoe Puyau is getting a raise, but the concerned teachers are not.

His raise is also in the amount of $38,000, which is like a 500% increase.

“I feel like it’s a slap in the face to all the teachers, cafeteria workers and any other support staff we have. We work very hard, with very little, to maintain the salaries we have.”

The raise was based on meeting “performance goals” even though it’s the teachers according to Hargrave that make that possible.

She did not yell, she did not scream, she was not threatening at any point during her statements.

The acting superintendent determined that she was out of order, and commanded that the attending marshall remove her from the building.

As one could imagine, the teacher was upset that she was being punished for calling out a truth that needed to be spoken.

As the Marshall went to grab her, and called for backup, the teacher told him “You don’t need backup, I am five feet tall”. 

She was then arrested in the hallway, shoved to the ground, and  escorted out of the building while she wept in anger.

A very unsetteling circumstance for America to witness.

The teacher was arrested because of the superintendent’s ego, not her behavior, the acting chief clearly was frazzled by thelegitimate greivnances brought forth, and akin to a dictator, ordered that  the dissenting voice silenced by law enforcement.

What’s the point of a meeting if you will be arrested for speaking your mind?

Hargrave will not face charges, but the questions about the chain of events is only begining.





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