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Why is everyone so upset that Gigi and Bella posed nude for Vogue?

From Twitter

Models Gigi and Bella Hadid posed nude for the British version of Vogue and people are flipping out.

The image is a surprising move from the editors at Vogue, this writer isn’t totally sure if this image is actually unprecedented in the history of the magazine.

While surprising, it certainly isn’t offensive, and not exactly an X rated cover.

So why is everyone all up in arms about it?

The image has been labled “uncomfortable” by observers, the critics ┬ábelieve that any form of nudity is belowthe dignity of the publication, and irresponsible content for young people.

There is also concern the sisters were exploited.

I have to disagree, this cover is not pornographic, there is no lude acts being committed through print, I personally don’t see what the big fuss is.

The fact that Bella’s face was so aggressively photo shopped is a legit beef, but the rest of the noise from the peanut gallery is bordering on ridiculous.

This cover is sexy, but restrained, the editors took great care in not crossing that line, and that effort alone should justify some slack.

Vogue wants to make a statement, but not at the total expense of it’s own credibility.

Fair play to them.



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