Report: If you cook with aluminum foil the time has come to give it a rest

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Cooking with aluminum foil is a common practice employed by human beings all over the planet.

The reasons can vary, some do so to prevent grease fires, others do so as a measure to ensure the food is cooked properly.

Whatever the reason, medical science has been examining the practice for years, and some of the findings have not been favorable to long term health.

According to several reports published over the last few years, cooking with aluminum foil can cause high amounts of aluminum to leach onto the food, and be ingested.

This leaching process can have an adverse effect on the human body over the course of time, and should be limited as much as possible.

From the World Health Organization

For example, researchers have found high concentrations of aluminum in the brain tissue of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have also found that high aluminum intake may be linked to a reduction in the growth rate of human cells, and may be potentially harmful for patients with bone diseases or renal impairment.

From Wiki

While human beings are supposed to have a certain amount of metal in the body, the disgusting process by which foil attaches itself to food at high temperatures is not the proper method to ensure a healthy amount of metal in the body.

Using pans, stainless steel cooking sheets, there is plenty of ways to avoid leaching process according to MSN.

I for one am done using aluminum foil after consuming the aforementioned reports.

It’s unhealthy, it’s dangerous, and there is so many alternatives.






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