From Mcdonalds

The McDonalds “Grand Mac” takes unhealthy eating to the next level

From Mcdonalds

Fast Food giant Mcdonalds has made a landmark change to their menu.

There can be no doubt, that the Big Mac is the signature burger in America, the heavyweight champion.

There is not a more famous hamburger sandwhich on the planet.

The brain trust at Mcdonalds has amplified the idea of the vaunted sandwhich, and it could prove to be a master stroke based on public reaction.

McDonalds will now offer the Big Mac in different sizes!

There is the Mac Jr, which is for those of us that believe the Big Mac is too much.

Despite being the smallest mac on the scale, it still is as big, or bigger than other sandwhichs on the menu.

The Mac Jr has 490 calories!

For those of us that actually believe the Big Mac is not enough fat and calories, Mcdonalds will offer the Grand Mac.

The Grand Mac might be the biggest sandwhich you can buy on the fast food market.

It’s huge, it could feed two people.

890 calories!

Despite the incredibly unhealthy nature of the sandwhich, you still have to marvel at marketing genius of the company.

From Twitter

It appears that this will only be available for a limited time, it’s likely that Mcdonalds is in the process of taking the new sandwhich to market, and just wants to test the water before they jump.

Lets just hope the rumored waffle fries are also in the pipeline.





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