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Lame: Game of Thrones Season 8 “will not air until 2019”

From HBO

Game of Thrones Season 8 definitely won’t be coming coming to HBO in 2018.

Despite the craziness of the rabid fan base, HBO has decided to shelve the program for at least 2 years. Such a move was somewhat expected, but the world stopped on it’s hinges when Sophia Turner confirmed the rumors in an interview with Entertainment weekly.

Turner spilling the beans is going to irk the studio, but so what, the fans have a right to be updated on the situation.

Fair play to Ms. Turner.

Game of Thrones Season 8 is set up to be some of the most awesome story telling in the history of television, never before has a small screen event created this type of electricity, or assumed these type of expectations.

Game of Thrones might as well be a movie franchise at this point, so the build up to the finale is going to be super exciting.

We are essentially expecting a star wars trilogy all in one package.

From HBO

The only issue is the wait, which could stretch into LATE 2019 according to Turner along with numerous industry insiders.

Given the scale of the battles, rendering the undead army, the dragons, the set peices, shooting on location,  the crew is filming four movies at once, so post production on such a spectacular won’t be a short term project.

It’s going to take time, especially if they want to live up to fan expectation.

Still, mid to late 2019″ is so far away, fans are going to go crazy at some point.



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