Look: A man who had tree looking warts all over his hands and feet has finally been cured

From Twitter

Abul Bajandar has a second lease on life.

After 16 surgeries, a man who suffered from tree looking warts all over his hands has been successfully treated by a group of brilliant doctors.

Dubbed “treeman” by media outlets,  Bajandar wasn’t totally sure he would survive the ordeal, but medical science has saved the day.

From the New York Post

Now—nearly a year and at least 16 operations later—the 27-year-old Bangladeshi man’s hands and feet are “almost fine,” Samanta Lal Sen tells AFP. The plastic surgery coordinator at Dhaka Medical College Hospital says Bajandar still needs a few small surgeries to “perfect the shape of his hands” but should be able to go home for the first time in a year in the coming weeks.

Provided the warts don’t return, Bajandar will likely be the first person ever cured of epidermodysplasia verruciformis.

According to reports, doctors moved 11 pounds of growth from his hands and feet.

Despite the shocking nature of the disease, Abul has remained in good spirits, and will be able to live a decent life moving forward.



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