Look: Tastie Fish visits the women’s health care rally in New Haven

Tastie Fish was on hand for a vibrant health care rally in New Haven Connecticut this past weekend.

The rally was not just about women’s healthcare, ACA, medicaid, a host of issues was addressed.

The gathering was held in the center of the New Haven green with hundreds in attendance on a bright and sunny Saturday morning.

Women’s healthcare is one of the more pressing concerns in America, and President Trump’s administration has implied that they don’t truly believe funding programs such as planned parenthood is in the cards moving forward.

Vice President Mike Pence has made it very clear over the course of his career that he is open to the idea of defunding planned parenthood, and other programs that help women and minorities.

He has sponsored multiple bills to that effect.

This has caused nationwide concern, and Saturday’s rally in New Haven was a passionateevent, community leaders implored those in attendance to advocate for womens healthcare, as well as other programs, and to stand up to those that would oppose measures to facilitate it.

Ralliessuch as these have been staged all over the country, and they will continue until the decision makers in this country realize how important women’s health programs are.

The Trump Administration has stated they will repeal and replace ACA, but they have no clear replacement, no plan of action, just weak slogans that have done nothing to assure the American public.

Because the leaders of this country have a limited understanding of what health care means to middle and working class Americans, there does not appear to be an easy solution in sight for this impending calamity.

So citizens will march, they will rally, they will protest until the message reasonates with the White House.




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