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Over 70 cats, most of them sick, removed from a “deplorable” home in New York

From Youtube

A pet owner that has not yet been identified by police is currently in the hospital, and when she is well, they will be charged for her clear negligence as it pertains to the animals that were in the homeowner’s care.

All 70 of them.

70 cats were removed in total.

There was no food, no water, poop all over the floor, and the thick smell of ammonia in the air, the atmosphere proved to be fatal.

5 cats died at the hospital, 3 of them had to be put down, the rest are up for adoption although some are to young right now to be taken in by a family.

The cats were taken in by the animal welfare organization Rescue Right, many people are hoping they ALL find a good home.

Somehow, animal cruelty, a misdemeanor in most states, does not seem to fit the crime.






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