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The impending male birth control pill is already controversial

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News broke this morning that a birth control pill for men is in advanced development, and could be actually hit the market at some point.

A University of Washington professor named Dr. Stephanie Page conducted an intensive study using a “testosterone pill”, and the initial yields appear to be significant.

While not ready for a wide scale release, the science behind the pill is “promising”.

How the pill works however has caused a bit of a stir.

From CBS News

“Normally, in men, hormones from the brain stimulate the production of testosterone and sperm. The male pill works by blocking those brain hormones, which then lowers testosterone levels and, is expected to shut down sperm production.

“So we know we need to really block sperm production, so the key here is really bringing down the sperm concentrations to very minuscule levels,” Page said.”

From a scientific point of view, the researchers seemed to have found a formula that works

But at what cost?

The report reads like the pill not only renders a man infertile, but it also clamps down on a male’s sex drive in general.

If a man is robbed of all of those hormones, if those parts of the brain are blocked, what happens to a man’s need to engage in sexual intercourse?

Does it just fly by the boards?

A good number of men might just opt for a vasectomy as oppose to losing the hunger to make love, questions about this pill and it’s long term effects have also yet to be answered.

The clinical aspect of the study only lasted a month, it would be good to know what the yields are over the course of a year, and how the pill affects a man’s ability to fully function as well as his health in general.



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