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The top five most unhealthy fast food establishments

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Tastie Fish has compiled a an unsavory list of the most unhealthy fast food establishments in America.

This is merely an informed opinion, not fact, don’t let us prevent you from consuming food you personally find to be spectacular.

We just figured that we would publish this list in the interest of public safety.

This is under the assumption that a woman needs 2000 calories a day, and a man needs 2500 over the course of 3 meals and a snack.

We are also taking into account an acceptable daily sodium intake which rounds out at 1500(mg) give or take.

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5. McDonalds

McDonalds is a little overrated in terms of how unhealthy it actually is. Common perception has always been that McDonalds stands above the rest, but that just not the case. The sandwhichs are sloppy unhealthy, but not out of this world. The Bacon Sirloin Stack contains 830 calories, almost 300 more than the Big Mac. The double quarter pounder with cheese packs 780 calories, which for such a large sandwhich is not that bad, the problem with McDonalds, is nearly all the options hover around 600-730 calories. The fries are not reasonable, weighing in at an even 340 calories if your buying a medium.

A large will get you into 500 calorie range, which combined with a sandwhich will give can give you half the calories you need for the day.  McDonalds is no salad bar, but it’s horrible reputation does not totally preceede it, there is an array of sandwhiches that are less than 450 calories, and an extensive selection of “healthy” options.

They have also even taken steps to improve the quality of the meat, they no longer add pink slime during processing!

Isn’t that great?!

Either way, your most likely walking away with 1000 calories or much more after a full meal, more than half you need for the day with 2 meals to go.

McDonalds also uses a tremendous amount of salt on their fries, and the burgers themselves also utlize high levels of sodium.

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4. Shake Shack 

Shake Shack blurs the line between fast food and semi quality dining, but at the end of the day, it’s Wendys with a different hat. A single patty burger contains 490 calories! As you move up the scale, you see sandwhiches with 850 calories or more, in some cases 1000 if you count toppings. This is not even including the fries, the cheese fries have over 550 calories alone! The Hot Dogs are a safe option, they usually don’t exceed the 400 calorie mark, but combined with fries, they make for a quasi unhealthy sitting against the backdrop of 3 meals a day.

To offset the size of the meal, refraining from bacon, or other heavy toppings can lessen the impact of the intake.

Shake Shack’s meat comes from grass fed cattle, and is among the most high quality meat in fast food. They use only a few suppliers because of their small market mentality, and the meat is never frozen unlike McDonalds and other fast food chains.

Shake Shack is good enough for 1300 calories in a meal easily, especially with an array of toppings and cheese fries.

If you add a milkshake?

Forget about it!

They have been measured at 900 plus calories a clip.

Shake Shack is refernenced as “casual dining”, but nutritional information indicates that it’s clearly fast food.

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3.  Five Guys 

Five Guys burgers are amazing, we all have splurged, lets not kid ourselves.

The burgers are loaded with calories, clocking at between 650 and 1000 on average. While the sandwhiches are filled with saturated fat, it’s the fries that actually take the meal to the next level.

That’s where they get ya.

A plus size fries contains 1300 calories! We are not sure if that’s a world record, but it must rank in the upper echelon, that’s an astonishing amount of calories for french fries. “Regular Fries” have 950, that’s more calories than the Smoke House Burger at Shake Shack without any toppings!

While simple, and scrumptious, Five Guys should be a once a year endeavor.

The Five Guys meat is also not totally organic, or free range. It’s cooked with more oil than other establishments, and as pointed out by Food Intended, because the beef is so low quality, it literally falls apart in your hands as your eating it.

A large sandwhich and a large fries from Five Guys could exceed 2000 calories in one meal depending on how hungry you are.

That’s enough to last a person the rest of the day!

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2. Checkers/Rallys 

Checkers is a national treasure, a guilty pleasure, and a throw back.

Similar to the burger joint in dazed and confused, you drive up to claim your meal. The food is incredible, bu the fact that menu is unhealthy is no surprise.

The larger Checkers sandwhichs usually check in around the low 800 to low 900 range in terms of calories. More than 75% of the sandwhiches on the menu exceed 500 calories.

Of the twenty eight sandwhiches on the menu, only six clock in at under 500 calories.

Checkers claims that their meet is 100% USDA beef, a claim that had been disputed but never disproven.

For such small servings the food packs a surprising punch.

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  1. PF Changs 

Some might consider PF Changs not to be fast food, but academically it is, and the eatery is by far the most unhealthy fast food joint in America in terms of calories, and fatty foods. Single entrees contain over 1000 calories in multiple instances. The Lunch Crisp Honey Chicken has over 1000 calories, and that does not include any addtional sides that a certain consumer may desire. PF Changs, as with most eastern food, is truly enjoyable with multiple dishes, rice, some type of meat, spring rolls, whatever.

An average sitdown at PF Changs could easily exceed 1500 calories, and because it’s a combination based system, the sky is truly the limit.

PF Changs really takes it’s pound of flesh in terms of sodium, dishes routinely reach into the the thousands (MG).

The meat is locally sourced however according to the companies website, in fact, most of the food is US homegrown, even the rice.

But in terms of calories, sodium, PF Changs is the heavyweight champion of unhealthy “casual dining”.

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We have also compiled a list of fast food joints that are nowhere near as bad as advertised. If you are going to indulge, heading in this particular direction is not the worst idea.

We have tagged the eateries that have been caught using horse meat, because for some of us, that’s a non starter.

  1. Taco Bell (HM)
  2. Poppyes
  3. Wendys
  4. Arbys
  5. Chipotle
  6. Burger King (HM)




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