From Tastie Fish

Turnbridge and Mayor Harp cut the ribbon on new outpatient program

From Tastie Fish

The New Haven based addition treatment facility Turnbridge cut the ribbon a brand new intensive outpatient services program that could prove to be a very important institution within the Elm City.

New Haven has been overwhelmed with addition related homicides, suicides, and other tragic circumstances.

Turnbridge has the opportunity to address the problem directly with the outreach such a program will generate.

Turnbridge also announced a partnership with Anthem/Blue Cross that will make the program much more accessible.

Here is a passage about the company from release that was distributed.

“Turnbridge has earned a reputation among alumni and addiction treatment professionals as a highly effective program that helps people achieve lasting recovery. Turnbridge is staffed by highly experienced, licensed clinicians with extensive addiction and mental health treatment expertise.

It employs evidence-based practices and coordinated care to achieve sobriety and positive long- term lifestyle outcomes.

“Turnbridge is now making high-quality addiction treatment available to more New Haven residents by offering community-based outpatient treatment and becoming an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in-network provider”.

During a tour with reporters this morning, executives with the facility explained how the program works, what’s expected of the clients, and how the composition of the center keeps clients attached to their peer groups.

We also learned that certain stafff members are in recovery, or have been through recovery, which allows them to connect with the clients are a very grounded level.

The young men and women seemed to be very comfortable during the entirety of the visit, the culture in the building is only matched by the beauty of the facility.

But make no mistake, the program requires serious commitment from those that enroll.

Turnbridge administers over 170 random drug screenings a week, Tastie Fish was given access to a room where doctors were evaluating samples, and proccessing information.

Mayor Harp was on hand for the ribbon cutting, and took time afterwards to speak with reporters about the importance of a sophisticated outpatient program for the people of New Haven.

Turnbridge Vice President Jamie Hazelton spoke with Tastie Fish from inside the facility, and addressed the root of the marvelous culture that was readily apparent throughout the visit.

Company executives were excited to reach different segments of the community that might otherwise never have known about Turnbridge.

From Tastie Fish

Turnbridge is located at 221 Orange Street, for questions about services, visit the company website or call 1-203-937-2309



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