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Why are children eating Tide Pods?

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There is a new craze sweeping Facebook and Instagram as of late.

I caught one of my kids engaging in this activity for his Snap Chat account, and subsequently took part in a debate with him and some of the others.

Young people all over the world has been engaging in what is known as the “The Tide Pod” challenge.

In essence, the kids told me they see the situation as a trendy dare, one kid of the kids involved in the discussion told me that it’s similar to “sky diving”, and that “your buggin, it’s not even risky like that”.

The fad aspect cannot be discounted either, a large amount of kids are attempting to appear hip to their peers.

From Twitter

All of them are so very wrong, and lives are at risk because of it.

From the Independent

“Detergent – which is used to break up components of waste, is composed of a mixture of synthetic chemicals – and their most important ingredients are surfactants.

Surfactants, long-chain molecules that attach both to water and grease, form “supermolecules” when they are dissolved in water.

Our mouths and digestive systems are full of water – as well as fats. And having these aggressively stripped away from your digestive system is harmful

In rare cases, vomiting or formation of considerable amounts of foam in the mouth involve an aspiration risk” – or the risk of becoming unable to breathe properly.”

Tastie Fish is aware that a good amount of young people(including mine) read our pages, and we are asking all of you to consider your personal safety before accepting this challenge.

Consider the risk, weigh the consequences, don’t put your life in danger so everyone thinks your cool.

Eating tide pods irresponsible, it’s dangerous, and it certainly isn’t skydiving.






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