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Review: “Bright” was absolutely awful

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I consumed a copy of Netflix’s ambitious science fiction spectacular “Bright” last night despite a wave of negative reviews concerning the project.

I dismissed all the internet haterade, and pushed forward with my viewing, I mean how bad could it really be?

Netflix is a hot studio right now, Will Smith is an A list performer, the operating budget was rumored to be around around $100 million, the concept was interesting.

A distant dystopian future in which Elves, Orcs, and Humans coexist, all against the backdrop of a police drama.

My colleagues for the most part are correct, this film falls flat.

Snap, crackle, but no pop.

My biggest beef with the film is the inability of the director(and the writers) to fully utilize the talents of Will Smith, who truly was at the top of his game in the movie, he portrays a rugged family man, a career law enforcement officer that is paced by his virtues, and inspired by his family.

He is a hero, and a biological anomaly, but the movie ignores that for extended stretches of the film.

Will Smith’s character goes on a spritual journey throughout “Bright”, and when his character arc reaches it’s climax, the entire movie lays an egg.

What a let down, and it’s a shame because this movie had some very cool elements to it.

The concept of a great war between Elves, Humans, and Orcs is awesome, but the movie does not truly explore it.

No flashbacks, no serious retrospectives, the producers instead leave it to our imagination while they spend 100 million dollars on special effects.

Bright is tragic in that it represents unrealized cinematic potential, the cast is amazing, the special effects are mainstream, and story itself could have been so much more academically.

It’s as if the filmmaker expects the audience to understand an entire universe without seeing 95% of it, it makes little sense why a movie with so many complications would choose not to be long winded.

The soundtrack is off the chain, Netflix might end up making more money off the master recordings of the album than the actual movie itself.

No spoilers, but this movie disappoints, an unexpected setback for the Netflix brand.

Tastie Fish Rating: 2 Fish out of 5



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