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Review: The “Arrival” will be a contender for multiple academy awards

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The alien invasion epic the “Arrival” is not your typical they invade us and we fit back action adventure movie.


This extraordinary film is rooted in the most basic form of interaction.


When mysterious alien visitors take up residence with enormous ships in random locations around the globe, the United States Army enlist the services of  a linguist, in hopes that she can establish contact, and get a sense of the aliens intentions.

Louise Banks (playd by Amy Adams) is joined by theoretical physicist Ian Donnely (played by Jeremy Renner), and together they hand in hand in attempt to communicate with the beings.

The interactions between both parties is much more controlled than one would expect, the intelligence of the beings is astonishing at times.

The film is surprising in many ways, most movie goers who see it will expect a certain type of flim, and receive  a different experience entirely.

The film is extremely artistic for an alien invasion flick,  much more like the film Contact than Independence Day.

The interaction with the aliens represents supreme filmmaking, hollywood has not seen this type of pure extraterrestrial magic since Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.

The film is written in the language of linguistics, science, and love.

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It never strays from those concepts, the plot flawless, and will require addtional viewings to truly grasp it.

Amy Adams gives the performance of a lifetime as the emotionally torn protagonist Louise Banks.

The character is defined by tragedy, and her struggle to endure makes the character the hero of a lifetime.

The narrative of the film follows her on a personal and professional level, and the way in which the filmmaker weaves those two objectives together is nothing short of brilliant.

The film does not rely on special effects, the plot is character driven, even the  ambiguous vistors evoke emotion within the viewer, and over time, it becomes easy to form an emotional attachment to them.

Even if you cannot totally understand the beings  at times.

Alien invasion movies are usually underwritten by special effects, and cheesy dialogue.

This film shatters the mold, it puts the Independence Day sequel released earlier this year to shame, and raises the bar for future invasion tales.

The script is beauttifully written, the score is glorious, and the pace of the film is even tempered.

The visuals are stunning, the technical crew charged with production of this film outdid themselves.

Movie goers who want to see things blow up, or little green men that hunt humans on a mass scale, this isn’t the film for you.

This is a wonderfully crafted masterpiece of a story that will command serious respect at the academy awards next spring.

The ending is worth the price of admission, but I won’t spoil it.

I would highly recomend this movie, but only if you understand it won’t be conventional.

Tastie Fish Rating: 5 Stars out of 5




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