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50 Cent’s Instagram post about a dying Rick Ross was immoral

From Instagram

Gangsta rapper 50 cent had an unsettling reaction to the news that fellow rapper Rick Ross has reportedly suffered a heart attack, and is currently hooked up to machines that are supporting his lungs, and other internal organs.

It has become a dire situation as family members have gathered around Ross hoping for the best.

The hip-hop community has produced an outpouring of support for Rick Ross in the last 12 hours.

Rappers new and old have wished Ross well, everyone except for 50 Cent.

With a human being fighting for his life, 50 Cent decided to use the circumstance to draw attention to himself, and his fledgling rap career.

50 Cent posted an implicit photo of Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 right after Drago breaks Apollo Creed’s neck with a right hook.

From Instagram

“If he dies, he dies” is the exact quote. 

The post is abhorrent, despicable, Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent” did not impress anyone with his commentary, a person dying in a hospital is not a time for a diss track, it’s not a cute situation.

Curtis Jackson’s decision to celebrate tragedy on Instagram will offend fans for years to come. 



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