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Did the organizers of the Grammy’s punish Kanye West?

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Kanye West has endured a tough couple of weeks.

After jumping on his political soapboax at consecutive concerts, and lecturing his fans on racism, Donald Trump,  and being black in America, the international superstar canceled his tour altogether.

He did this hours before he was set to perform in Los Angeles.

It was later revealed that Kanye was admitted to a hospital for observation, in which he was being evaluated for mental illness.

Having been released, we can assume Mr. West is well on his way to recovery, and will be pumping out banging tracks in short order

But it appears not everyone has forgiven Kanye.

Grammy nominations were announced for the 2017 awards last night.

From Twitter
From Twitter

Kanye was nominated 8 times, but only in the genre of Rap.

He was not afforded any mainstream nominations, and has never actually won an award for best song or album of the year.

This year he was deserving however, it’s confusing why he won’t even appear in a mainstream catagory as a nominee.

It was enough for Kanye to deal with many of his fans being upset with him, it’s quite another to be clearly snubbed by an awards panel that he has beefed with in the past.

An awards panel that has never given him mainstream status.

Given his history of bad behavior at awards shows, the mental state he was in just 3 weeks ago, and the absurd nature of his exclusion from mainstream recognition, it would be quite a risk to put this guy on stage.

He might steal the show anyway, but the organizers better be ready for vintage Kanye West early next year.



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