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Kanye West is doing much more harm than good, he needs to be quiet

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Roughly three weeks ago, Kayne West broke his social media silence, and in that time frame, he has published bizarre and troubling statements that his fans can’t get a grip on.

The fuss started a week ago, when Kanye West came out in support of President Trump, which is his right, but he seemed to gloss over the actions of a man who has consistently shown a negative opinion towards people of color.

Trump of course used the tweets to further his social agenda, the entire episode drew the ire of millions, including Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian West.

Kanye’s tweet was a political opinion, so there was only so much to say regarding it, if he wants to trivialize the experience of minorities in this country while being one himself, that’s his choice.

His remarks to TMZ however are a different story.

When you hear about slavery for 400 years … For 400 years? That sounds like a choice.¬†You were there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all. It’s like we’re mentally imprisoned”.

This is not polarizing, this is not thought provoking, it’s a clear and blatant attack on his own people, statements that will cause serious confusion among fans and friends alike.

A choice?

It’s easy for Kanye West to say that, he lives a lifestyle most people cannot even dream of, private jets, mansions, fashion shows, sold out concerts, Kayne West is a multi millionaire, even more than that if you factor in the size of his wife’s empire.

Kayne West can live the life he does because of the sacrifice his ancestors made to bring his blood line to this country, they were beaten, raped, hung, thrown in the Atlantic Ocean with chains on, burned, subjugated, and tortured.

For no reason by the way, African slaves were kidnapped from their homes, sold, and thrown on a boat.

They lived their lives in chains, under the physical threat of punishment 24/7.

At one point did they have a choice?

Anyone ever notice there is not a firm number on the amount of African slaves that died during the apex of the trade?

Untold amounts, it’s easily in the millions, it was nothing short of genocide.

To hear a wealthy African American essentially postulate that African slaves were mentally weak is abhorrent commentary, embarrassing.

This isn’t about dragon energy, or being an individual, Kayne West is showing a complete lack of respect for the history that put him in the position he enjoys on a daily basis.

This will affect his image not just in the African American community, but all over the world, speaking in such vile terms about a population, that was enslaved because certain people were too lazy to do their own chores will stain his brand beyond repair.

The fact that he is using his massive platform to spread such ideas is disappointing beyond belief.

Fans, sponsors, who is going to want to be associated with Kanye West?




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