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Lil Tay: It’s horrifying to see a child behave like this on the internet

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A couple days ago I was watching TMZ, and caught a video featuring a child that went by the stage name of “Lil Tay”.

Didn’t know who she was, but figured she was a rapper.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I was taken aback how young the child was, but nothing was more shocking than manner in which the child was behaving.

The video speaks for itself.

That surprise quickly turned to disgust after I did some research

Lil Tay is a social media star, but not because of her lyrical talent, singing abilities, it’s purely because she is encouraged to behave like a thug, I could tell right away that she is being groomed to act this way.

I have worked with kids for a long time, what we are seeing is a reflection of the people around her, she acts this way because she thinks it’s ok.

She is not filming herself, she is in the company of adults who are all too happy to turn a profit, even if the child’s soul is being negatively impacted.

There is more.

“Lil Tay”s mother, who works in real estate, used several homes she had listed to stage some of these ridiculous videos in attempt to feed her daughter’s online persona.

Mom also used client’s cars, and who knows what else to keep this public profile rolling.

“Lil Tay” was created by her mother, and I saw that Mom does much of the conceptual development for these “productions”.

This dynamic got mom fired from her job, and rightfully so.

The irresponsibility on the part of the concerned parent is off the richter scale.

Mom is exploiting her child to a degree that we have not really seen before, and she is doing it on a daily basis.

Nevermind that her daughter is mocked for being a fraud, that’s secondary to a paycheck that has not even arrived yet.

One question that nobody is addressing is how this will affect the emotional development of the child, and her ability to cultivate relationships with kids of a similar age.

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The glaring hole in all these videos, and Instagram posts, is other children.

Does Lil Tay go to school? Does she has friends her age?

Socialization is a key element of a kid’s development, and not many mothers are going to want their child anywhere near Lil Tay, or her mother while they publish videos glorifying smoking dope.

In the long run, that is bad for the kid, but mom is clearly not concerned with that.

It’s all about making money, even if they don’t have money, and seemingly don’t have the means to generate the type of money that will allow this charade to continue.

There is always the possibility of a reality show, but at what cost?

Most of us find Lil Tay to be annoying and terrifying at the same time, but the source of all this confusion is her mother, she created this brand, and plans to milk it for all it’s worth.

The other issue with this child is her use of the N word in public.

It goes beyond rapping it in a song, or using it as a term of endearment.

There is no excuse for a young Asian-Canadian child(or any child for that matter) to be hurling the word nigga around like it’s a frisbee, but her and mom are content to do that.

Lil Tay has made waves in the Hip Hop community, and there is a segment of fans that love what she is doing, but it’s going to be difficult to keep up the millionaire-drug dealing-killer persona if your not a millionaire, you don’t actually bang on the streets, and you don’t sell drugs.

Some of the quotes coming out of her mouth are really difficult to digest.

Ohh, Lil Tay be trapping out at six star hotels. And I got the iPhone X. What y’all broke ass bitches have? Y’all have iPhone 5. And I be drinking your college tuition bitch. Lil Tay be drinking good. I got this Gucci lint roller, this shit cost me six thou. And I be using it to brush off all your raggedy ass, hoes. This iPhone cost me two thousand bucks, what y’all know about that life? Y’all ain’t going living like Lil Tay. Lil Tay money way bitch.”

Lil Tay lives in a modest appartment in Vancouver Canada, not south central Los Angeles.

Let’s hope this 15 minutes of fame passes without serious long term damage to this kid.



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