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Review: Eminem’s “Revival” is his best album ever, and that’s not hyperbole

From Eminem

Eminem reigns supreme, nobody can touch him, and perhaps nobody ever will.

His ninth studio album, titled “Revival”, blows the doors off the competition, there is not a rapper alive or dead that could come close to the eighteen tracks slim shady just dumped on the planet earth.

Not since the Marshall Mathers LP, have we seen the Detroit based rapper this on top of his game, Revial is not only Eminem’s most splendid performance, it automatically is an instant hop hop classic.

The album will be compared to other legendary operas such as All Eyez On Me, Reasonable Doubt, or even Ready to Die.

Eminem is  by far the most sophisticated lyricist of all time, no MC in history can approach Eminem’s organic talent for merging bars, making words rhyme that never rhymed before.

Slim Shady is at his best because that’s what America needed, it’s very clear that Marshall Mathers was extremely motivated by the wave of racial tension in America, and the rapper tell his story from the African American perspective while conceding that he does not totally understand.

I knew I was going to review this album when it dropped, so I purchased a copy pre order style, and waited for the results.

Apple notified me last night that the tracks were downloaded to my account, and without thinking, I just pressed play.

An hour later, I had listened to every song on the album, two of them twice, and at no point did I feel the need to skip tracks.

Every track was fire, every ballad was original, seemingly all of the hooks were catchy.

The beats were tight, even the samples.

The lyrics were out of this world, Eminem out did himself.

This is the type of album that you can utilize for long car rides, you can pop the CD in the deck, and not touch it.

That’s an album, that’s Eminem’s revival.

This album will appeal to everybody, it’s a mix of rap, pop, rock, funk, and soul.

Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Skylar Grey, the guest list is off the charts, and every last one of them delivered.

I have never written an album review before, and I pondered breaking down specific songs, or controversial stances that does Eminem take.

But that would be a disservice to all of you.

That would be like spoiling a Star Wars film, the Revival is an experience that everyone has the right to enjoy in real time, it cements Eminem as the Leonardo Da Vinci of Rap.

A spectacular effort, Eminem’s creative talents are unparalleled, the “Revival” cements Slim Shady as the preeminent lyrical genius of his generation.

I would strongly suggest  purchasing this album.

Tastie Fish Rating: 5 Fish out of Five




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