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Snoop Dogg gets put on BLAST by Senator Marco Rubio for gun video

From Indiewire

Snoop Doggy Dog and Marco Rubio are at odds over a video that Snoop Dog produced recently that depicted him shooting a clown that appeared to be President Trump.

Although he used a toy gun, the video itself is not exactly the type of behavior we want to see from public figures in this politically charged climate.

Snoop is encouraging violence, and  demonstrating an execution style murder.

Marco Rubio took major exception, and put the Dogfather on blast.

Marco Rubio makes a good point, Snoop was out of line, his actions were intended as humor, but still push a message that America does not need to consume.

If a country singer produced a video where he whacked a clown looking Barack Obama with a toy gun, how would Snoop Dogg react?





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