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The Grammy controversy over Alessia Cara is certainly a two sided argument

From Instagram

Social media exploded Sunday evening when Alessia Cara took home the grammy for best new artist.

In a perfect world, such an accomplishment would be a watershed moment, undisputed lift off for a promising career.

But concerned fans didn’t see it that way, especially considering that Cara broke out in 2015 with the hit single “Here”.

To social media users, other nominees like Khlaid or SZA were far more deserving of the award because they actually are newcomers to the scene.

To her credit, Ms. Cara was not about to allow the haters to ruin her moment in the sun, taking to Instagram to acknowledge the controversy, but she did not apologize for  winning a Grammy, nor should she have too.

What we have here is a two sided argument.

It makes little sense to award an established artist “best new artist” over a talented collection of actual newcomers, however, Ms. Cara earned this glorious distinction through sheer force of will, she should not have to be this accountable for a decision that she had no part in.




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