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Look: Tupac’s breakup letter to Madonna is surreal

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A bombshell letter written by the departed Tupac Shakur while he was incarcerated for sexual assault went up for auction earlier this week.

The letter is addressed to Madonna, and informs her that Tupac is breaking up with her, and he is doing so because of race.

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Even though the letter is over 20 years old, the gravity of the revelation was no less stunning.

Tupac’s letter confirms he was a black nationalist, much in the manner his mother was, Shakur spent his formative years surrounded by the Black Panthers, a letter like this is likely not all that surprising to people that knew him when he was alive.

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But that does make it right.

Madonna being dumped because she is white is pure insanity, she is among the more progressive human beings that ever lived, and it’s a shame Tupac removed her from his life because of race.





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