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Video: Eminem’s freestyle tirade against Trump was ruthless

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Rap icon Eminem contributed a freestyle to the BET awards last night that just about broke Twitter.

Titled “The Storm”, the video takes place in a parking garage with an enraged Marshall Mathers spitting all kinds of fire on the White House.

Lets go ahead, and call it the roughest public rebuke of President Trump thus far in his time as commander and chief.

It was a unique freestyle in that Eminem did not hide behind auto-tune or keyboards, this was a raw and uncut bars spliced with sadness, anger, and lyrical brilliance.

We have posted the demonstration.

Many will see this video as Eminem’s finest hour, not only because it was off the top of his head in real time, but also that he chose to stand up at a moment that America needed him too.

Marshall Mathers is not sticking his head in the stand, or hiding in his mansion, he is confronting the issues we care about, which is what made him a star almost two decades ago.

Slim Shady is considered by many to the be the greatest rapper of all time, and he made his bones battling other rappers in freestyle competitions.

As we saw in 8 mile.

But this was different.

It was broadcasted to a live audience all over the world.

It was also much more powerful considering the evolving culture war in this country.

This diss track comes at a tipping point for America, the infusion of white indentity politics into the national discussion has many of us on edge.

Eminem has never been one to mince words, but that does not mean he is wrong.

President Trump meanwhile could clap back at some point in the next few hours, but he should take caution in doing so.

Eminem once told MTV after he blew up in 1999 that “You cannot outsmart a smart ass”.

Those words have proven prophetic, attacking Eminem on wax is career suicide, the Detroit rapper feeds off of it.

Eminem has destroyed anyone that has attempted to engage him in a battle of words, and wits.

It’s a losing battle, Eminem is a lyrical genuis, he would have a field day with the President.

Trump would actually be better off letting this roll off his back.



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