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Watch: Ann Coulter responds to Eminem’s lyrical description of sexually assaulting her

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Slim Shady strikes again.

The greatest lyrical mind of all time has again doused the American public in his madness.

Eminem is one of the more controversial recording artists of all time.

His music is brilliant, his mind unparalleled, but his commentary can be deliberately offensive.

Eminem takes joy in making squares squirm, but his lyrical adventures can cross the line.

He routinely inserts homophoic remarks into both his hooks, and verses.

He talks about raping women, killing people, the sky is the limit with Marshall Mathers.

Given Eminem’s appetite for socially unacceptable commentary, it was only a matter of time before set his sights on President Trump, and the people that support him.

Eminem’s latest tirade goes above and beyond his usual digs at a President.

Eminem threatned to make his “brand go under”, called him “a bitch”.

This isn’t the first time Shady has beefed with the White House, Eminem hated George W Bush with a passion, the former President inspired Mathers to make some of his best music.

But for once, lets take the focus off the President, and instead examine Eminem’s commentary about Ann Coulter.

Coulter is similar to Eminem in many ways, but Coulter might be even more disliked than Shady is.

She is brash, abrasive, confusing at times.

Ann Coulter is an ultra conservative, and an insufferable presence to many.

Eminem went after her with vengence on the his latest track “No favors”.

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And fuck Ann Coulter with a Klan poster/With a lamp post, door handle, shutter/A damn bolt cutter, a sandal, a can opener, a candle, rubber/Piano, a flannel sucker/some hand soap, butter/A banjo and manhole cover/Hand over the mouth and nose/ smother/Trample ran over the tramp with the Land Rover/The band, the Lambo, Hummer and Road Runner/Go ham donut, or go Rambo/gotta make an example of her/That’s for Sandra Bland, ho, and Philando/

Ann Coulter has her hangups, but she does not deserve to sexually assaulted, nor does anyone..

Eminem seems to be implying such an action in his lyrics, he also mentioned asaulting Jamie Lee Curtis.

Which of course elicted a reaction from Ann Coulter

Ann makes valid points about Eminem and his music, in particular, “No Favors” was especially misogynistic, and violent.

Eminem has dropped songs like this throughout his career, but the times have changed, it’s no longer 1998

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But one statement within Coulter’s response was curious.

She was spot on with her sentiments, and showed class given what Eminem had produced.


She claimed that the left perpetrates violence against “women and gays.”

Nobody is doubting that women, minorities, and the LBGQT community deal with hosility, intolerance, but normally that type of behavior comes from the right.

To accuse the left of non progressive behavior towards gays and women is the plot calling the kettle black, especially if you look at Coulter’s track record.

Just 3 weeks ago, Coulter fat shamed a young women on twitter for marching after the general election.

Anyone forget that?

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I didn’t.

Eminem’s lyrics meanwhilewere unacceptable, deplorable

Getting in a war of words with Eminem never works out for anyone ever, but in this new social climate, he won’t be able to spout off homophobic slurs or describe sexually assaulting a woman without blowback.

Not anymore.

Eminem can be tremendous without discussing the assault of a  women, or disparging the LBGQT community.

Shady is working on his newest album, and we have every reason to expect his most controversial contribution to date.

It stands to reason he will have more to say about the President and Ann Coulter.

In the meantime, “No Favors” has been blocked from Youtube.

Go figure.



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