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Watch: Mariah Carey’s New Years Eve performance was a disaster!

From the Mirror

International Superstar Mariah Carey was torched on social media on New Years eve for her disasterous performance on ABC’s coverage of the ball dropping extravaganza in the heart of New York City.

After fumbling the lip syncing component of her routine in epic fashion, Carey stormed off stage in front of a national audience and a live gathering.

It was odd, unexpected, and woefully entertaining.

It also was a selfish decision, it disrupted a multi million dollar broadcast with advertising revenue projected to be in  eight figure territory.

Yes, for a legendary diva like Mariah, even the slightest mistake is unforgivable, but her reaction was over the top.

To bounce on the entire set, to leave the fans in attendance just standing there?

Her behavior is disrespectful to the fans that made her rich, and the terresterial network showcased her on one of the biggest nights of the year.

Perhaps actually singing the song would have eliminated potential snafus.

This will hurt her career, you have to remember the people that made you a star.

As for the show runners at ABC, technically she is in breach of contract, but given the beating she is taking on the internet, I doubt they feel the need to press for litigation.



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