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Watch: Rapper Ceelo Green’s cellphone explodes in his face

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Exploding cellphones have been a common occurence in 2016.

The latest Samsung Galaxy phone literally blew up in peoples hands as it was being used.

It’s a terrifying prospect, that a machine we all need everyday has the potential to damage us beyond repair, or even take our lives.

As these phones get bigger, and more complicated, the risk factor seems to be increasing.

This weekend, a video emerged that seemed to depict famed rapper Ceelo Green falling victim to this unfortunate circumstance.

You have to wonder when the companies that make these phones will be brought to justice.

Ceelo could have been tragically hurt, he could have lost an eye, the possibilities are endless.

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At some point, the government is going to have to step in, and take a good look at how these phones are manufactured, and what exactly is causing these random explosions.

Update 7:34 PM

It turns out this was a stunt, and while the production raised questions about the safety of cellphones, there is no excuse for Ceelo to do something so ridiculous

I would suppose he was attempting to promote he music, but this was not the way to go about it.




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