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Why is everyone so mad at Taylor Swift?

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Taylor Swift is having a rough week, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why.

She dropped the lead single to her upcoming album, and it has been chaos ever since.

The single itself is not that bad, “Look What You Made Me Do” iscertainly not her best work, but definitely not a career ending type of take.

People need to chill out, and let this musical talent be herself.

Many music critics are taking issue with Swift’s “attack on the media”, the rebellious┬átone of the single has also garnered wide spread outrage.

Based on the public reaction to just one song on her new album, you would think that Swift had committed some type of crime, the anger towards her is irrational given the context.

It’s difficult to consume all of these male journalists that clearly are offended that Swift changed the direction of her music, that she evolved, that she grew up, she is now saying what’s on her mind, not what some random songwriter wants her to say.

There is also the Beyonce issue.

The snippet of the video for “Look What You Made Me Do” is attracting all types of hate on the internet because of the similarities it shares Beyonce’s 2016 visual album Lemonade.

Despite the clear shared traits of the two videos, it’s doubtful that Swift actually intended to fleece Beyonce, more likely, this was a direct form of flattery, something we see in music all the time.

When Eminem dressed up as other muscial acts during his videos, does the world turn on it’s axis?


When Eminem produced the track “The way I am”, a track directed at the media, obssessed fans, and his detractors, he was given near universial acclaim for his brutal transparency.

But when Swift exercises some independence, when she tells the truth about the media’s obsession with her, she is assaulted on twitter.

Taylor Swift is a global superstar, an icon, haterade is the nature of the beast, and Swift is a big girl that can take care of herself.

Despite that, the way she has been treated has been incredibly difficult to watch.

It’s unfair, it’s unfounded, and it smells like old school sexism.




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