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Did Sophia Raab lie to the media about her shark bite?

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Southern California surfer Sohpia Raab survived a terrifying ordeal last week.

She was attacked and bitten by a shark, but somehow survived, and has lived to tell the story.

Raab claims she was waist deep in the Pacific ocean when she felt a sharp pain on her left leg.

She was rushed to ambulance, but maintains that she never saw the shark,  only that she felt the bite.

Her fears were confirmed by Dr. Bert Mandelbaum, who treated Raab after she was injured, and confirmed to news outlets afterwards that she had indeed been bitten by a shark.

He did not cite specific injuries, only that her injuries were similar to photos of other shark bites.

Raab’s ordeal was now a national story, and the teenager jumpstarted a Go Fund me account to pay for her bills because in her words “she was unsure if she would be able to afford going from doctor to doctor”

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Around this time the backlash came fast and heavy.

Citizens who frequented the spot Raab was attacked had not seen a shark at the time she was bitten, and the actual picture bite was not consistent with a shark bite.

Posters on surfline pointed out that there was no teeth marks, that there was no teeth marks and that her Surfboard was in tact.

It was also pointed out that her injury appeared to be two straight lines at a 90 degree angle, which is not consistent with a shark bite according to experts.

Many have concluded that Raab was injured by the finn on the underside of her surfboard, which apparently is a common injury for surfers.

The wave of skeptisim reasonated with Raab, who modified her Gofundme account campaign goal to a lesser number, and was moved enough to discuss it with NBC News.

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“I am not trying to antagonize anyone or make it seem like surfing is more dangerous than it really is,” Raab said. “I am just trying to recover… I don’t feel there is a reason for the nasty and derogatory messages I am getting

Was she bitten?

Was this a hoax, or a tale of a kid who got caught up in a wave of attention?

Nobody knows for certain.




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