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Little girl found in an Indian forrest, walking on all fours living with monkeys

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Earlier this week a young child was found living among monkeys in an Indian jungle.

How long she has been with these animals is unclear, but the extraordinary situation drew comparisons to Hollywood stories such Tarzan.

The story has some heart warming aspects to it, which is why so many people are having trouble believing it.

This young lady is considered to be mentally and physically disabled, Indian authorities believe she was abandoned by her family because of her health related issues.

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When she was discovered, she was “walking on all fours, screeched at the people who discovered her, and at food like an animal off the floor”

The girl to this point has not spoken, but her journey is sure to be the stuff of legend.

Her own family did not want her, but a pack of monkeys took her in, and kept her safe.

Exactly how long she was with these animals is unclear, but the dynamics of the story are sure to be discussed for a long time.

The treatment of the girl is questionable, as at certain elements of the story.

Rumors persisted that police officers had to “fight off monkeys to secure the girl” which seems a big far fetched.

The Washington Post has poked further holes in the story, which again raises questions about the treatment of this child.

The details are still come out, Tastie Fish will keep the story updated as more information becomes available.

The little girl is now in a childrens home, which is the best possible result given the events that had befallen her.



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