From Twitter

Look: April the Giraffe gives birth to a healthy baby boy

From Twitter

April Giraffe has finally given birth to a healthy baby boy.

April has developed a legion of fans over the last 4 weeks, and 5 million viewers tuned into see the miracle that was her baby with an additional 20 million tuning in over the life of the stream.

According to Jezebel, April is a “15-year-old reticulated giraffe. Her mate is Oliver, a male 10 years her junior. (Get it, girl). April is probably not super interesting in and of herself, but her keepers made the wise decision to hook a camera up to her pen and livestream her pregnancy”

Jezebel also reported this live stream has been in motion since February, which has made April into somewhat of an international superstar.

The baby does not yet have a name, but will be given one based on some sort of straw poll.

Congrats April!!!




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