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Watch: A Paddle Boarder has no clue that 4 HUGE whales are swimming beneath him

From Youtube

Nature never ceases to amaze.

Today we have a video of a paddle boarder, who while wading through the deep waters of the ocean, was silently being followed by four of the biggest whales on earth.

30 tons each to be exact, and the ease with which they swam was magnificent.

It’s incredible that animals that size could creep up on anyone, but somehow, this vibrant group of happy whales pulled it off.

It almost looks like they are playing a game, because they intentionally avoid contact with the boarder, but find time to twist, turn, and sing.

The family of whales only emerge to the surface once the paddleboarder is out of danger.

Whales tolerate humans all the time, they truly seem to have a distaste for harming us, thank heavens for that.

Whales are much like elephants.

Gentle, emotional, and sympathetic.

This video is a beautiful display of that.



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