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Watch: An unsuspecting man is destroyed by a deer

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For reasons that remain unknown, a deer in Smithers British Columbia laid waste to an unsuspecting man who was getting out of a truck in front of a hotel.

The man’s name is Cody McCook according to Deadspin.

Cody reportedly told his friends that he has been wrecked by a deer in front of the hotel, but nobody initially believed the story.

After all, deer are not known for aggressive behavior.

After some back and forth, the hotel produced the video tape, and low and behold, Mr McCook was in fact destroyed by a deer.

Holy F just got hit by a deer and ran over in front of my hotel!! Still see the deer fur on my arm

Posted by Cary McCook on Saturday, April 1, 2017

The deer must have been running 25 to 30 MPH, and it lowered it’s head.

This was an attack, Mr. McCook is lucky to be alive.




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