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Watch: The footage of a man saving his dog by slapping a kangaroo is sad

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There is a viral video taking over the internet in which the owner of a dog bumrushed a Kangeroo that appeared to be harming  his dog.

Just to be clear, the Kangeroo was not attacking the dog, just because the animal is capable of headlocking the dog, does not mean the intentions were dangerous.

Don’t tell that to the owner however.

Did he need to do that?

The dog could have easily escaped, or bitten the Kangeroo if trouble was afoot.

In fact, it looks like the two animals were playing.

The dog was not crying, or growling, there was limited signs of distress, and the Kangeroo released the dog as soon as it was apparant that the owner was not happy about the situation.

Bad form.

There was no reason to attack the Kangeroo.



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