Watch: The Hippo proves once again it’s the scariest animal on the planet

From Wikimedia Commons

Ths staff at Tastie Fish came across this amazing video of a Hippo chasing a boat.

The size, the speed, and the covert nature of this vicious animal are on full display here.

Hippos are often credited as being the #1 killer of men in Africa, and this film showcases why.

The hippo is moving so fast, that the camera lost track of it until it’s upon the boat.


We were so fired up by this video, that we have selected others that grabbed our attention.

Such as this clip of a frustrated whale tossing a seal over 90 feet into the air.

If there was any question about the sheer strength of an Orca, this video answers it.


Some of the craziest footage we have seen has come from the water.

This video of a cat fish swallowing an unsuspecting fish has made people’s skin crawl all morning.

Catfish can grow to be massive, and dangerous,  but we didn’t realize how big until we started searching for examples.

Anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to be hunted by a pack of tigers, take a look at this.

These cats were being teased by a drone, but gave a glimpse of how ruthless they can be as a group, and the coordination that cats are capable of.

For those of you that hate Spiders, stop reading this post now.

Spiders are scary because of their ability to hide, and be silent, this video is a perfect example of why.

In closing, Someone found this image of a parasite that attachs itself to Bat’s head, and is almost impossible to remove.

Parasite on the head of a Bat







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